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What is Your Why- Vest

This poster encourages you to think of your family as your “why” and wear your vest every shift.

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What is Your Why- Family

This poster encourages you to think of your family as your WHY for staying safe and well.

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Executives and Mental Health

In this SAFLEO Sessions Podcast, John Bouthillette, a lead instructor with the SAFLEO Program, has a conversation with Dr. Olivia Johnson, the program advisor and lead instructor for the SAFLEO Program, about the role of law enforcement leadership in officer mental health. They discuss how every executive has a responsibility to the health and safety of their officers and what that looks like in an organization.

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Lessons Learned: Mental Wellness After a Critical Incident

In this SAFLEO Podcast, Michon Morrow, captain at the Lincoln, Nebraska, Police Department with 23 years of experience, has a conversation with Lieutenant Mike Madden, who spent 28 years in law enforcement before retiring from the San Bernardino, California, Police Department. Lieutenant Madden worked in a variety of roles during his career and was amongst the first responding officers on the scene following the San Bernardino terrorist attack in 2015, a mass shooting at the Inland Regional Center. They discuss his journey in the aftermath of that attack, how it impacted him and his department, and the lessons that were learned.

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Developing Peer to Peer Support Groups

In this SAFLEO Podcast, Floyd Wiley with the SAFLEO Program has a conversation with Officer George Mussini, a 22-year veteran of the Baltimore County, Maryland, Police Department, about a peer-to-peer support group Officer Mussini developed for his agency after he was involved in a critical incident. They discuss how peer-to-peer support is so important, some of the hurdles that they had to overcome to create an effective peer group, and how you can start one for your agency.

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Mid-Level Support Networks

In this SAFLEO Podcast, Brandon Post, a captain with the Provo, Utah, Police Department, has a conversation with Matthew Faulk, a law enforcement and public service sector contractor, about mid-level leadership and mid-level support networks. They discuss how supervisors must take care of themselves first before they can take care of other people and where they can go to receive support.

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Debriefing Trauma

In this SAFLEO Sessions Podcast, Chief Dan Stump (retired) with the SAFLEO Program has a conversation with Sergeant Matt Faulk of the Tucson, Arizona, Police Department about debriefing after a traumatic event. They discuss how the effects of a traumatic event linger well beyond the end of the actual event and how important and beneficial it is to debrief after such an event.

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Five Impediments to Success in Law Enforcement

In this SAFLEO Podcast, Chief John Bouthillette, a lead instructor with the SAFLEO Program, has a conversation with retired Captain Brian Nanavaty, a 33-year veteran of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, about five factors that are barriers to the success of law enforcement officers and how to overcome those challenges.

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Professional Development and Wellness Programs

In this SAFLEO podcast, Chief John Bouthillette, a lead instructor with the SAFLEO Program, has a conversation with retired Captain Brian Nanavaty, a 33-year veteran of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, about officer wellness programs and the process Captain Nanavaty went through in developing a wellness program for his department. They discuss the “why,” personal survival, preventative maintenance, and the leadership it takes to develop a program that will benefit your officers.

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Compartmentalization is a necessary skill in law enforcement to be able to continue to operate. In this SAFLEO Sessions Podcast, Chief John Bouthillette, a lead instructor with the SAFLEO Program, has a conversation with Captain Brandon Post from the Provo, Utah, Police Department about a critical incident in Captain Post’s career. Officers are often involved in events that are extremely emotionally impactful. These incidents have a cumulative impact and can affect you when you do not expect it.

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Smash the Stigma

In this podcast, Floyd Wiley, a lead instructor with the VALOR Program, is joined by John Bouthillette, a retired chief of police from the South River, New Jersey, Police Department and a lead instructor for the SAFLEO and VALOR Programs. They discuss the concept of smashing the stigma and how it is important for leaders to establish an organizational culture of safety and wellness in their agencies.

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Effective suicide prevention training must have a comprehensive approach, focusing on occupational risks and support from law enforcement agencies, colleagues, families, and friends. To combat law enforcement suicide, agencies must place a priority on officer wellness with the same level of attention as tactical training. This goes beyond being just an agency responsibility; we all must place this issue as a priority—it is critical and could mean the difference between life and death.

The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) believes that the law enforcement community deserves better access to officer wellness resources and suicide prevention strategies. It has created a multifaceted approach to address law enforcement suicide. The SAFLEO Program is one of two critical pieces under this work and is funded under the Officer Robert Wilson III Preventing Violence Against Law Enforcement Officers and Ensuring Officer Resilience and Survivability (VALOR) Initiative. BJA, through SAFLEO, provides training, technical assistance, and resources to law enforcement agencies, staff, and families, to raise awareness, smash the stigma, and reduce and prevent law enforcement suicide.

SAFLEO closely collaborates with the National Consortium on Preventing Law Enforcement Suicide, BJA’s second critical program in its work to reduce and prevent law enforcement suicide. SAFLEO uses the Consortium’s findings and outcomes to ensure that the latest information and strategies in suicide prevention are being addressed in SAFLEO’s curriculum and resources.

Protecting our protectors, there is strength in seeking help.
The National Suicide Awareness for Law Enforcement Officers (SAFLEO) Program goes beyond traditional law enforcement training by:
  • 01
    Incorporating emerging techniques relating to learning and behavior change in the development of curricula and publications.
  • 02
    Streamlining training visuals and developing imagery-driven and interactive presentations.
  • 03
    Providing numerous eLearning opportunities to regularly reinforce learning concepts.
  • 04
    Using the latest research in suicide ideation, root causes of officer suicide, risks, protective factors, and awareness.
  • Providing numerous eLearning
    Collaborating with organizations that share a common interest to #SmashTheStigma around law enforcement, mental wellness, and suicide.

BJA is building this critically important program by bringing together these strategic partners:

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