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All SAFLEO trainings are no-cost, dynamic, classroom-based trainings. To keep participants engaged, SAFLEO incorporates today’s most effective adult-learning techniques. SAFLEO’s mission is to educate law enforcement officers and agencies to better understand the causes of suicide, recognize possible warning signs, and explore available resources for assistance. No matter where you are in your law enforcement career, SAFLEO has a training specifically designed for you, all with the goal of protecting our nation’s protectors.

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Executive Forum

Engage with other concerned law enforcement leaders in your area • Explore the full spectrum of potential organizational solutions • Consider ways to overcome barriers to help-seeking

Suicide prevention starts with you, the law enforcement executive. Attend this forum of law enforcement leaders to dive deeper into policy and strategic planning surrounding suicide prevention and response. Through guided instruction and facilitated discussions, you will learn about the underlying causes of suicide, explore a variety of solutions both for you and your agency, and consider ways for your organization to overcome barriers to help-seeking encountered by your officers

Supervisor Training

Set the example • Get engaged • Bridge the gap between your officers and available resources

Be the agents of change! As a law enforcement supervisor, you are critical in the fight against law enforcement suicide. Your role is three-fold. First, you set the example through demonstrating healthy coping behaviors and using available resources. Second, you must stay engaged with your officers to encourage healthy behaviors and to detect any potential issues before they become problematic. Finally, you serve as a crucial link between your officers and your agency’s suicide prevention-related messaging and resources. In this training, you will engage with other law enforcement supervisors to discuss these issues and share your ideas to help combat suicide.

Line-officer Training

Gain a deeper understanding of risk factors • Recognize warning signs in yourself and others • Explore strategies to promote wellness, mitigate stress, and treat unresolved issues

Did you know that law enforcement officers are at greater risk for suicide than the general population, due to the unique stresses of their jobs? Although all law enforcement officers are exposed to this stress, much can be done to mitigate its effects. During this training, you will gain a deeper understanding of factors that contribute to suicide, learn to recognize warning signs in yourself and others, focus on ways to build resilience, and explore options for treating any unresolved stress.

Train-the-Trainer Workshop

Explore the latest research in suicide risk factors and solutions • Learn techniques to educate and train your agency • Assist with program implementation

Be a champion on the front lines of the fight against suicide! The Train-the-Trainer Workshop offers an in-depth exploration of suicide risk factors and the latest techniques and resources for combating these risks. Through group discussions and hands-on learning, you will be equipped to help train and educate your own agency to combat suicide. You will also become more knowledgeable of available resources and programs and their implementation at your agency.

Web Events


Web Event on Thursday, December 16, 2021

SAFLEO Web Event: Flexing Spiritual Wellness - The Power and Benefits of Utilizing a Chaplains Program

Web Event on Tuesday, December 14, 2021
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