VALOR Not Today Challenge

This poem emphasizes the mental preparations and actions that law enforcement officers should take to help ensure that they stay safe.

I will not come to work sleepy or tired.  Sleep deprivation has been proven to diminish reaction times and interfere with my decision-making processes.

I will not let any person gain the advantage by placing me in a poor tactical position during any contact, no matter how innocent the situation may seem.

I will not ignore the danger signs that may be present during street encounters.  I will not take shortcuts with my safety or the safety of my fellow officers.  I will pay attention to my gut feelings and be aware of the little things that can precede the big ones.  I will not allow myself to be hurried into making a fatal mistake.

I will not allow any person to gain the advantage by failing to watch his or her hands and feet.  I recognize that a subject can injure me just as quickly with his or her feet as with his or her hands.

I will not conduct poor or incomplete searches.  I recognize that deadly weapons have become smaller and smaller, and if I find one weapon, I need to look for another.  I will never assume that someone else has done a thorough search—never.

I will not search first and then handcuff.  I will always maintain the tactical advantage when handcuffing and be aware that since it may be the first physical contact with a subject, it may be the most dangerous to me.  I will always cuff first and search second, unless agency policy demands otherwise.

I will not come to work with dirty or inoperative equipment, hoping that everything will be all right.  I will have clean and functional equipment every time I work, and I will train to be proficient with my tools.  I will wear my body armor every day; it may be uncomfortable, but so is thinking of my family trying to carry on without me.

I will not become hypervigilant but will remain alert, aware, and prepared.  While on duty, I will recognize that threats may come while I am eating in a restaurant just as easily as an armed robbery in progress.  “Routine” traffic stops are not complete until the subject leaves the scene or is handcuffed, searched, and secured in jail.

I will not let my ego place me or others at risk.  I will recognize that, short of active shooter incidents, contact and arrest usually can wait until my backup officer has arrived.  I understand that, most often, the longer that I can keep a catastrophic incident from occurring, the less chance there is that it will occur.

I will not be reckless or careless in the operation of my duty vehicle—be it a car, a horse, a motorcycle, an ATV, a boat, a helicopter, or an airplane.  I am aware that officers die in vehicle crashes, and I am determined not to be one of them.

I will not be unprepared for off-duty encounters. I know that I am responsible for enforcing certain laws or ordinances while off duty and I do realize that I may be confronted with a life-threatening situation.

I will not assume anything during my tour of duty.  I will not assume that the call is no longer in progress or that no one is armed just because my dispatcher told me so.  I will remain alert, aware, and prepared.
I will not give up to ensure that I survive an incident.  I will go to work every day believing that my attitude, diligence, and training will allow me to go home safely at the end of the day; it is the least that I can do for my fellow officers, my family, and myself.

I will not neglect my physical and mental wellness.  I will strive to maintain control of my health and physical well-being.  I am the only one standing in my way.

I WILL TODAY BE polite, professional, and prepared to perform my duties with utmost safety to me, my fellow officers, and the citizens I am sworn to protect.
Adapted from the poem “Not Today,” written by Lieutenant Brian Garrett.

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