Executive Leadership Matchbook

Creating an Organizational Culture of Safety and Wellness

About the training

This course EDUCATES, PREPARES, INSPIRES, and CHALLENGES you to advance your officer safety and wellness strategies within your agency and implement organizational changes.

We know you’re busy—but we believe this one-of-a-kind virtual course is needed now more than ever. Over five weeks, you’ll work through nine, self-paced micro-modules approximately 30-45 minutes each.

This four-hour workshop is a law enforcement executive-facilitated event that:

  • Addresses leadership strategies.
  • Discusses policies, procedures, and best practices.
  • Explores new ideas and no-cost resources.
  • Provides an opportunity to develop a customized executive action plan.

The Executive Leadership Workshop was designed BY law enforcement executives, FOR law enforcement executives.
Organizational change starts with YOU!

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There are no VALOR training events currently open for registration for Executive Leadership Matchbook.