Frequently Asked Questions


It depends. A account is required to register for all in-person trainings and most virtual trainings. Most VALOR web events do not require an account to register.

Active, sworn law enforcement officers at the local, state, and federal levels.  Sworn corrections officers may also attend training.  Questions about eligibility should be directed to the training’s class coordination staff listed on the registration page.

Account Issues

You may already have an account. If you are unable to locate the email with your password, a password reset will be required.

Note: If you have recently attended an on-site training and try to register through the VALOR website, you may see an error message stating that your email address is already in use.

As an attendee of a VALOR training, you are automatically issued an account that keeps track of your on-site training information, which enables you to print a completion certificate.

One departmentwide account should not be used to provide group access to the VALOR resources. Once an online training is completed, the system will not know that a different person wants to take the training. Each officer will need his or her own account to receive certificates.

If you have multiple officers looking to register for an account, the VALOR team will be happy to work with you to streamline the process. Use the Contact Us form and fill out the information on the page.

  1. Forgotten password. Visit the Password Reset Request page on this website.
  2. First attempt logging on. When you first register for a VALOR account, you will not be able to access the secure portion of the website until you have received approval from the point of contact you listed during the registration process and from the VALOR website administrators.

    Note: This process may take several days, based on response times. As soon as you register, an email is sent to your designated point of contact, asking him or her to verify your employment status. One way to expedite your account approval is to verify with your listed point of contact to make sure that he or she has received the verification email and has responded appropriately. After your point of contact replies, a member of the VALOR team will approve your account, after which you will receive a follow-up email from the VALOR team stating that you are now an approved user. If you try to log in prior to obtaining approval, you will receive an error message.

  3. Recently attended an on-site VALOR training. If you have attended an on-site training, you will be registered for a VALOR for Blue account automatically, using the email that you provided to register for the training. An email was sent to you just after the conclusion of the class, providing you with a temporary password. If you try to register for an account prior to the end of the training or before that email is sent to you, the website will show an error message stating that your email address is already in use. If you are unable to locate the temporary password email, a password reset will be required.

At this time, only sworn law enforcement personnel are permitted to attend VALOR trainings and have access to the secure side of the VALOR website (per grant requirements from the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance).

Use the Contact Us form and fill out the information on the page. Let us know your old AND new email addresses. A member of the VALOR team will update your information. This update will not require you to change your password.

VALOR for Blue eLearning

Some webinars and online trainings require a VALOR for Blue account to access them. Sworn law enforcement personnel can register for an account and then access the secure side of the website.

It depends. Some webinars are open to the public. Others contain law enforcement-sensitive information and will require a VALOR for Blue account. The webinar overview page will indicate whether a sign-in is required.

Sworn law enforcement personnel can register for an account and access some webinars and other secure content on the website.

VALOR webinars are recorded and placed on the Web within a few business days of a live event, in the VALOR for Blue eLearning section of the website. All registered VALOR users will receive notification via email when the recorded versions are posted, with a link to the website.


Through the VALOR website, you will be able to download your certificates of completion for VALOR training events that you have attended. To access your certificate(s),

  1. Click on the “Manage Account” link in the top right corner of the page.
  2. Click on “Print Certificates” to open a page that lists certificates from any VALOR training or conference that you have attended since August 2015.
  3. If you do not see your certificate listed, click on the “Missing Certificate” button to request a certificate.

Some online training modules provide certificates if they contain a testing component. Not all videos, webinars, and training segments provide certificates of completion.

Technical Issues

The most common reason why certain videos or recordings will not play on a computer is that the computer is protected by departmental firewalls. Try using a device that is not connected to your department’s server, such as a phone or a tablet connected via Wi-Fi. If one of these devices works but your department-issued computer does not, you may have to consult with your information technology department. Another reason that a video/training does not play correctly may be related to the browser type or setting. Although the VALOR team tests multiple scenarios when uploading content, some settings and browser preferences impact the ability to access content. Try logging in from another browser to see whether that resolves the issue.

Content shown with a lock icon requires the user to have a VALOR for Blue account.