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Learning new techniques and tactics keeps you ready for duty and enhances your ability to handle situations related to the safety and wellness of you and your fellow officers.

These toolkits offer a wide array of materials to educate and prepare law enforcement through the use of Web and printable resources, online training, and roll call drills. Use these in-depth, comprehensive toolkits as a guided learning experience. They can promote proficiency in the specific topic area of officer safety and wellness for yourself or other officers within your agency.

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Casualty Care

Casualty Care and Rescue Tactics training is the golden standard of care for life-saving medical techniques in the tactical environment. It is based on the Tactical Combat Casualty Care guidelines, which are utilized by all U.S. military Special Forces medics and medically trained soldiers. The Casualty Care Toolkit provides all levels of law enforcement with various online trainings and resources to utilize and share with their agencies. The information and training in this toolkit equip law enforcement officers with the essential tools and knowledge to save lives in the field through effective casualty care techniques.

Casualty Care Toolkit