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Casualty Care

As a law enforcement officer and, often, the first responder to a scene, the medical aid that you provide is often a fellow officer, citizen, or suspect’s best chance at surviving a critical incident. The items highlighted in this Spotlight on Safety demonstrate the importance of casualty care to law enforcement and their communities. It provides important training and materials for you and your fellow officers to be better prepared to render necessary medical aid in the field.

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Below you will find printable info cards and posters featuring some of the most valuable casualty care principles. Download these resources to print, save to your smartphone, or share with your fellow LEOs. These reminders will serve as valuable reminders in the field to help you save lives!

TCCC Trauma Bag Recommendations

Are you carrying what’s necessary should you find yourself in a critical incident requiring immediate medical attention? Download, check your equipment with the list, and share with other LEOs to make sure that you and your fellow officers are prepared!

Tourniquet Visor Card

In the midst of a critical incident, where is your tourniquet? It’s too late to go back to your patrol car or agency. Download, print, and share this poster to remind yourself and your fellow officers to have their tourniquets on them at ALL times!

VALOR for blue eLearning

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Street Survival: Casualty Care

This webinar is an introduction to the self-aid/buddy-aid program. Recorded , at .


Information Regarding Tactical Combat Casualty Care Training

Find out more about Tactical Combat Casualty Care Training to better prepare you and your fellow officers for a critical incident.

Course Listings

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Federal Bureau of Investigation

Emergency Medical Response in Active-Threat Situations: Training Standards for Law Enforcement.