Safer Together

Strengthening the Foundations of Officer Safety and Wellness

About the training

Give us one day to reinvigorate your career. Safer Together is a highly interactive course that provides actionable skills and strategies you can use to build and strengthen your sphere of safety and wellness by building a healthy community relationship. This eight-hour training course for frontline officers stresses the imperative for building trust, one interaction at a time, as a foundational basis to improve community climate, enhance safety and wellness, and reduce crime.

  • Learn skills and strategies to enhance your safety and wellness
  • Strengthen the connection between you and your community

Safer Together is part of the VALOR Initiative's Safer Together campaign, which aims to empower law enforcement, community members, and leaders to renew and strengthen relationships by making the most of every interaction to elevate officer safety and wellness and community trust.

Build skills that contribute to going home safely at the end of every shift.
Learn what it takes to thrive, personally and professionally, during and after your tour of duty in law enforcement.

Additional topics covered throughout the course include professionalism, leadership, and critical decision making.
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