Safer Together Matchbook

Strengthening the Foundations of Officer Safety and Wellness

About the training

This virtual course is the cornerstone of the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s (BJA) national strategy on addressing officer safety and wellness needs. This highly interactive course is conducted in three parts: a live, virtual session to kick off the training; a self-paced, online asynchronous portion; and a live, virtual class to conclude. Officers will gain actionable skills and strategies that they can use to make the most of every interaction, which will result in enhancing safety and wellness and promoting a healthy community climate. This training stresses the imperative for building trust, one interaction at a time, as a foundational basis to improve community climate, enhance safety and wellness, and reduce crime.

  • Learn skills and strategies to enhance your safety and wellness
  • Strengthen the connection between you and your community
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What Is Safer Together?

The VALOR Program’s Safer Together Campaign emphasizes and strengthens the link between officer safety and wellness, community trust, and crime reduction. A new approach to officer safety and wellness, Safer Together offers trainings that provide practical strategies that officers can employduring most encounters to minimize the impact of stress and connect with their community members. Officers who adopt the skills that they learn from Safer Together trainings are not only helping themselves, but they are also helping to build trust and promote a healthier community climate, which means less stress and less danger for everyone.

Safer Together Campaign Fact Sheet

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