Survive & Thrive®

Protecting You and Your Fellow Officers

About the training

This VALOR training provides officers at the all levels with exactly that—the essentials to survive and thrive—by stressing the importance of being physically and mentally prepared, maintaining situational awareness, combating complacency, and remaining vigilant.

Hear From Law Enforcement Experts on:

  • Causes of officer assaults, injuries, and deaths
  • Safety and preparedness mind-set
  • Physical health
  • Officer-citizen encounters
  • Mitigating stress
  • Weapon concealment
  • Intentional wellness mind-set
  • Surviving an assault
  • Casualty care and rescue tactics
  • Personal protective factors
  • Deaths not associated with assaults
  • Vehicle safety
  • Officer survivor story

Build skills that contribute to going home safely at the end of every shift.
Learn what it takes to thrive, personally and professionally, during and after your tour of duty in law enforcement.

Additional topics covered throughout the course include professionalism, leadership, and critical decision making.
For a complete list of the VALOR Trainings that are currently being offered, visit the VALOR Training Events Page. If you would like to request a VALOR Training, please contact the VALOR team.

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