Train-the-Trainer Workshop

The safety and wellness of your officers depends on your agency's focused, quality training.

About the training

The VALOR Train‑the‑Trainer Workshop provides qualified law enforcement trainers with tools to develop and deliver basic in‑house officer safety and wellness awareness training within their agencies.

This one-day workshop is a subject expert-facilitated event that:

  • Teaches the VALOR framework and concepts for use in individual agencies.
  • Identifies and explores available resources, suggested scenarios, discussion questions, and training videos available on the VALOR Program website.
  • Engages participants through practical teach-back exercises.

A hands-on approach to aid law enforcement professionals in the training of their fellow officers.
You set the standard for your officers' success!

For a complete list of the VALOR Trainings that are currently being offered, visit the VALOR Training Events Page. If you would like to request a VALOR Training, please contact the VALOR team.

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There are no VALOR training events currently open for registration for Train-the-Trainer Workshop.