Virtual Executive Leadership Workshop

Creating an Organizational Culture of Safety and Wellness

About the training

The VALOR Virtual Executive Leadership Workshop inspires, educates, and challenges law enforcement executives to advance officer safety and wellness strategies within their own agencies.

This training is offered virtually, via Zoom.

Costs are covered, so the only commitment needed is your time.

This four-hour workshop, facilitated by subject-matter experts, is a no-cost event that:

  • Addresses leadership strategies.
  • Discusses policies, procedures, and best practices.
  • Explores new ideas and no-cost resources.
  • Provides an opportunity to develop a customized executive action plan.

Organizational change starts with you, the agency executive.

For a complete list of the VALOR Trainings that are currently being offered, visit the VALOR Training Events Page. If you would like to request a VALOR Training, please contact the VALOR team.

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