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Tactical Safety

In such an unpredictable career, it is crucial that you learn effective ways to prepare and train for any situation. Your duty to protect and serve means that your safety and health are impacted by decisions that you make throughout a shift. Are you carrying your tourniquet on your person? Are you always maintaining situational awareness? Are you slowing down a potentially volatile encounter? This Spotlight on Safety looks deeply into the tactical safety considerations of assaults and ambushes, defusing difficult encounters, casualty care and rescue tactics, and other critical incidents. Use these materials to keep safety at the forefront daily!

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Law enforcement officers and leaders: Your ability to stay safe and healthy is paramount! The VALOR Spotlight on Safety series centers on the four leading killers of law enforcement,1 to best help you prepare for the greatest challenges you may face. By highlighting physical health, vehicle safety, mental wellness, and tactical safety, VALOR can equip you with tools to protect yourself and others on your watch.

Each VALOR Spotlight on Safety campaign contains research-based articles written by law enforcement experts, related publications, eLearning, visor cards for quick reference, and more that you can use for roll calls, in-service training, or self-directed learning. These materials are added to the Spotlight on Safety page throughout the series. Look for new item announcements on social media and then use the printable posters and smartphone wallpapers as daily reminders and to motivate yourself and others.

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Look for the hashtag #SpotlightOnSafety on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to easily share/retweet resources with fellow officers.


1 (Causes of Law Enforcement Deaths, n.d.)(Ruderman Family Foundation).