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Officer Down: The Road Ahead

This webinar illustrates the importance of the mental health and wellness of law enforcement officers leading up to and following a critical incident. Speakers include former Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Police Sergeant Dic Donohue, who tells his incredible story of recovery after being shot during the pursuit of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. He discusses the physical and mental effects the incident had on him, his family, and his agency. Dr. David Englert, clinical psychologist for the Charlotte–Mecklenburg Police Department, provides an intriguing overview of the short- and long-term effects on other officers within the agency.

Type: Webinar
Length: 50:35 minutes
Publication Date: October 12, 2016
Agencies: VALOR Officer Safety and Wellness Program
Authors: Sergeant Richard "Dic" Donohue; David Englert Ph.D.
Topics: Assaults on Law Enforcement, Officer Safety, Wellness, Resilience, Survive and Thrive, Casualty Care, Special Groups, FTO
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