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Crisis Intervention Team: Core Elements

The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is an innovative first-responder model of police-based crisis intervention with community, health care, and advocacy partnerships. The CIT Model was first developed in Memphis, Tennessee, and has spread throughout the country. It is known as the “Memphis Model.” CIT provides law enforcement-based crisis intervention training for assisting those individuals with a mental illness and improves the safety of patrol officers, consumers, family members, and citizens within the community.

Type: Publication
Length: 20 pages
Publication Date: September 2007
Agencies: University of Memphis
Authors: Randolph Dupont Ph.D.; Maj. Sam Cochran; Sarah Pillsbury
Topics: Crisis Intervention, De-Escalation, Mental Health, Professionalism, Community Policing, Casualty Care, Tourniquets, Equipment, Training
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