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Image for Evidence-Based Prehospital Guideline for External Hemorrhage

Evidence-Based Prehospital Guideline for External Hemorrhage

This report describes the development of an evidence-based guideline for external hemorrhage control in the prehospital setting. This project included a systematic review of the literature regarding the use of tourniquets and hemostatic agents for management of life-threatening extremity and junctional hemorrhage. Using the GRADE methodology to define the key clinical questions, an expert panel then reviewed the results of the literature review, established the quality of the evidence, and made recommendations for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) care. A clinical care guideline is proposed for adoption by EMS systems.

Type: Publication
Length: 11 pages
Publication Date: July 1, 2014
Agencies: Prehospital Emergency Care
Authors: Eileen Bulger M.D.; David Snyder Ph.D.; Karen Schoelles M.D.; Cathy Gotschall; Drew Dawson; Eddy Lang; Nels D. Sanddal; Frank K. Butler M.D.; Mary Fallat M.D.; Peter Taillac M.D.; William Seifarth; Michael J. Betzner M.D.; Jay Johannigman M.D.; Norman McSwain, Jr. M.D.; Lynn White; Jeffrey Salomone M.D.
Topics: Casualty Care, Tourniquets, Equipment
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